Arredondo Pointe

Arredondo Pointe is a more than just a destination, it is the heart of a thriving community. Bracketed by historic Punta Gorda to the south, booming North Port to the north, the innovative Babcock Ranch to the east and the newly designated West Port to the west, Port Charlotte is consistently ranked as both a top travel destination and one of the fastest growing metro areas in the U.S.

What the community is missing is a traditional main street, a "living room" where locals and guests alike can mingle, dine, shop and enjoy. In response to Charlotte County leadership, Lost Lagoon Development, LLLP (LLD) has purchased nearly 170 acres in the center of Port Charlotte for development into a multi-use lifestyle campus at the heart of the community. Our goal is to craft a landmark destination that fills a void in the current landscape while complementing the boom of development in Charlotte County. Currently planned for the property are:

  • Approximately two million square feet of commercial, restaurant, retail, lodging and destination entertainment.
  • A total of 750 hotel rooms parsed over two or three marquee properties and one or more smaller, boutique hotels.
  • Innovative entertainment options for Charlotte County, including a 45-acre destination water park, an outdoor concert space, a state-of-the-art convention center, multiple arts venues, cultural and historical spaces, and a multi-level golfing facility.
  • An integrated mix of professional and recreational spaces in support of a 360 live-work-play, SMART City community.

Conceptual Plan

Project Timeline

Over the next five to seven years, Arredondo Pointe will continue to grow and evolve based on current and anticipated market conditions and the needs of the Charlotte County community.

Anticipated Timeline

Economic Benefit

In addition to the hundreds of jobs created during the planning, construction and build out phases, Arredondo Pointe will offer Charlotte County significant economic benefit for decades to come. Estimated positive impact includes:

  • 500 to 800 full time jobs and 200 part time or seasonal jobs.
  • 20 to 30 new businesses brought to Charlotte County.
  • 750 new mid- to high-end hotel rooms, including significantly increased dining, convention and event capacity.
  • 160+ acres of commercial development added to Charlotte County property, resort and sales tax rolls.

Environmental Sustainability

In the spirit of Babcock Ranch and other milestone, environmentally innovative projects coming to Charlotte County, Lost Lagoon Development plans to incorporate the newest generation of LEED and green technology throughout the property:

  • All buildings will be LEED certified.
  • A CHP micro-grid system, with added solar energy collection and distribution technology including rooftop solar arrays and solar smart phone charging stations.
  • Native and drought-resistant landscaping to minimize irrigation needs including the campus-wide use of reclaimed water for all landscaping.
  • High-efficiency heat and cooling systems including a potential dedicated chiller plant, to minimize HVAC energy waste.
  • Water Sense Compliant fixtures to minimize potable water use, including low-flow faucets and waterless urinals, as well as exfiltration systems to maximize water and treatment uses.
  • Dual-level charging stations throughout the property for electric vehicle charging.
  • Low environmental impact and night sky-friendly lighting throughout the campus.

Lifestyle Sustainability

Arredondo Pointe is designed to be more than simply a place to dine and shop. We are integrating dozens of innovative improvements to make the campus a center for healthy living for Charlotte County residents of all ages. Some highlights include:

  • A SMART City, mixed-use campus that encompasses all aspects of Charlotte County life including retail, dining, hospitality, lodging, entertainment, banking, recreation, leisure, medical and more.
  • High walkability throughout the property, including pedestrian-only areas, landscaped pathways, pedestrian bridges and connectivity to neighboring properties.
  • Low profile canopy and shade features to improve outdoor experiences, even during warm summer months or inclement weather.
  • Dedicated areas for bicycling, dog walking and other outdoor activities, including seasonal festivals and a weekly or monthly farmer’s market.
  • Extensive water features, including landscaped retention areas, fountains and waterfront dining.
  • A dedicated, unbranded cell tower for use by Arredondo Pointe businesses and guests.

5303 Old Winter Garden Road | Orlando FL 32811